Myopic Bounds

"Myopic Bounds" dance theatre explores the corset of conventions, emotions, and socialization that surrounds us all, questioning the need for freedom, limitation, boundaries, and isolation. How much are we restricted by our inner and outer worlds? How can we grow despite or because of these boundaries? Where might the imagined, fortified space of emotion lead?

The dancers demonstrate mutual approach, the effort of surpassing personal limits, and the merging and dissolution of community to the point of solitude. The dance references models of human behavior and repetitive acts in everyday life.

The stage design is composed of diverse light-situations. Described "spaces" are projected from a video projector, whose light is broken by stage fog. Different space situations are built throughout the piece and changed in real time.

The projections were realized with VVVV and TouchOSC. Choreography: Dustin Klein
Dancers: Dustin Klein, Emma Barrowman
Music, Dramaturgy: Simon Lovermann
Stage design: Matthias Lohscheidt
Costumes: Louise Flanagan
Light: Peter Dürrschmidt
Kindly supported by: Limelight Veranstaltungstechnik, LAB BINAER